One man's journey from passion to profession

Michael Stark spent a few years slogging it in the trenches of Corporate America before he had a Jerry Maguire moment and realized it just wasn’t his passion. Today, through a series of milestone events, Michael has found himself on a journey to create positive social change in Chicago, via the organization he co-founded, The Chicago Leadership Alliance. What started as a bit of a passion project has turned into a full-fledged 501(c)3. The CLA unites young professionals, with a variety of backgrounds and expertises, in Chicago who want to make big changes in the community. So, what’s his secret to creating a lasting impact on our city?

  • Collaboration is the key to making a big impact and creating real change.

  • Encouraging diversity of voice is powerful – the CLA is successful because they believe all voices are equal.

  • As an organization grows, it’s imperative to get organized and formalize processes, sooner rather than later.

Michael mentioned a few other awesome organizations that we want to share with you.

Chicago Tech Rocks Want to see who the opening acts are for Chicago Tech Rocks? Check it out! And don’t forget to get your event and raffle tickets!

Holiday Heroes Michael is the Executive Director of this organization that makes an immediate impact on children, their families and caregivers in critical and long-term care pediatric units by delivering unique, fun and memorable parties and experiences.

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