Chicago Tech Rocks Spotlight: Project Infinite Green

We’re dancing & singing our way into the final week and a half before Chicago Tech Rocks! And, as promised, we wanted you all to get to know the six beneficiary organizations that the event is supporting. So, in our last installment of Chicago Tech Rocks Spotlight we’re closing the curtain with Project Infinite Green!

Meet Project Infinite Green

Project Infinite Green was created to educate children about the energy sources we rely on in our modern world. Their programs focus on providing practical interactive experiences guided by professionals within the industry to help students understand the ramifications of everyday actions and decisions concerning energy.

Designed to support public school curricula and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition goals, Project Infinite Green ultimately aims to introduce students to the scientific and business aspects of creating clean energy solutions to the challenges we all face today. By participating in this program, children are reminded of the scientific and business aspects of sustaining ecosystems as they conduct their daily routines using energy sources—whether they’re turning on a light switch, riding in a car or playing soccer. In doing so, they will gain a greater understanding of global citizenship.

The way things work

Since its founding five years ago, Project Infinite Green has worked with over 1,000 children across Chicago and the Southwest suburbs. The program takes place after school, on weekends and during the summer, allowing the kids to remain engaged with STEM activities year-round and avoiding the dreaded summer brain drain.

The curriculum itself has been developed by faculty and educators from several schools in and around Lemont, Illinois, in conjunction with private and public sector experts in green technology and business development.

Doors to opportunity

Through the program, Project Infinite Green students have gained access to some of the most esteemed and prestigious scientific and technology organizations in the country. Even more impressive, these students haven’t been just guests. In many cases, the Project Infinite Green students had opportunities to present their studies and green business plans that they developed in the program. The impressive roster of presentations include heading to Congress, the American Nuclear Society, the Global Environment Facility, the Illinois Energy Commission and the Governor’s Office!

#EnergyTech #CleanTech

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