The Chicagoland tech community knows that developing and retaining young talent plays a critical role in its continued success. We launched Chicago Tech Rocks in 2016 as a platform for creating awareness and providing financial support to some of the amazing non-profit organizations and educational institutions that are providing STEAM and project-based learning opportunities to a new and diverse generation of technology talent.


Chicago is home to numerous STEAM-focused high schools and post-secondary project-based learning programs that are preparing young minds for careers as engineers and technology workers.


Additionally, every year, Illinois’ universities and colleges produce thousands of engineering and computer science graduates who are ready to join forces with our companies and help take them to the next level.


What's more, amazing non-profit programs use project-based learning and full immersion teaching to mold change-driven, future leaders to develop skills in technology.



Our collective efforts to develop more promising young tech talent are working, but, as a community, we can still do more to ensure the brightest possible future for tech in Chicago and the men and women who will continue to drive us forward.



As a technology community, we need to support budding engineers and tech workers as they progress through school and then hire them and keep them here.